About Us
The people behind MOT are parents with children of all ages; they are teachers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge about what children need to help them improve their chances of doing well in all-important exams; they have over thirty years experience in delivering complex services.
"My daughter Anita started lessons hoping to pass her SATs. With constant daily work with My Own Tutor her smile grew bigger every day. I have high hopes that her secondary tutoring will also be extremely rewarding. I do implore many to parents to join "My Own Tutor" for it not only has brightened our smiles but has been very rewarding. Having a part time job and knowing my daughter can study anywhere is fantastic, it broadens her knowledge and increases her self-esteem. "      "Brilliant; brilliant; brilliant. Unbelievable value. I don't know how you do all this for £10 a week. "      "The service you give is just great. It's been a lifesaver at homework time...no more slamming doors! The lessons have helped so much. Thanks so much."      "For years unending I struggled with the effort to cut down on TV viewing addiction amongst my kids, a very tough one. When I got this recommendation it was just a trial, at least to keep them off the TV while I searched for a more permanent solution. But after a year of use I can confidently recommend it without reservations. It has curbed the addiction to a large extent."      "It’s Home Lessons on line, with exciting games while they learn. I have achieved sanity without stress because a threat to deny use of "My Own Tutor" brings out the best in my boys. So it's a win/win game for all concerned - less of TV, learn, have fun at the same time."      "Lydia's maths teacher came up to me after school today and asked what's happened to her. She's improved so much in the last 4 weeks. And we have been subscribing to My Own Tutor for 5 weeks now! Thank you soooooooooo much."      "My daughter went up one set in Maths during the Free Trial!! That's good enough for me. I'm signing up."      "This is a fantastic program, Jessica has been doing bits of it to try it out, and has loved every minute of it.We are going to carry on, initially as an addition to her school work, and hopefully full time within the next few months. I am already recommending you to other people. In addition l would like to do this myself part time, but l am taking myself back to year four, l have no qualifications and never learnt at school."      "After we signed up, my son went from an E to a C in 6 months in Maths GCSE."      "Firstly,we'd like to say thank you for setting up our account so swiftly and the fantastic support to set it up - great clear directions (suitable for tired mums!) that I could relay easily to everyone over dinner."      "Leon has finally finished playing lots of games and thoroughly enjoying himself. About time education was fun again....really!"      "I've recently trialled MOT and have found it very beneficial to my family so have signed up for a year."      "We had to take Debbie out of school because of bullying. We were very nervous about it, of course. Were we doing the right thing? How were we going to make sure that Debbie still got schooling? My Own Tutor has been a great help. It provides a framework of study for Debbie to follow, and the reports are really useful way of measuring her progress."      "This website is excellent, and provides a tailored programme for up to 4 children for an affordable monthly fee."      "We have looked at MOT with great success."      "Stephen was delighted with what he saw as he felt it didn't resemble the usual mundane study websites."      "I've never paid anything for online programmes before, but this works out much cheaper than using a tutor at home! There are teachers you can phone six days a week (5-8 weekdays and 10-1 Saturdays) who'll talk you or the child through anything they have problems with, and will use the interactive online whiteboard to explain things up to GCSE level."
About us

My Own Tutor has a number of educational and technology experts which it calls upon to provide advice in the services which it provides. The Educational Advisory Board can be called upon for specific projects which MOT undertakes and also as a general sounding board for new ideas, as well as vital feedback in the daily provision of the My Own Tutor service to its students.

Janine Carter
Janine Carter, a graduate in pharmacology from Leeds University, spent her early career in biomedical research. She is a fully qualified teacher with over 20 years of successful teaching experience in secondary science. She led and managed an outstanding science department before joining Oxfordshire LA as a Secondary Teaching and Learning Consultant. As a consultant Janine supports school leaders to raise achievement in science in their schools and works alongside teachers to establish high quality teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Dr. Marian Sainsbury
Marian is Head of Literacy Assessment Research in the Department for Research in Assessment and Measurement and is currently leading NFER's research into formative uses of e-assessment. She is also director of projects developing assessments of communication skills for Wales and single level tests for reading in England.
Previous projects at NFER have included development research for national tests in English since their inception in 1989 and for many other tests and assessments, especially for primary aged pupils and in literacy; also research into children's attitudes to reading, formative assessment of literacy, the use of verbal protocol analysis with young children and investigation of the construct of reading. Marian is a Fellow of AEA-Europe and a Fellow of CIEA.

Emer Glynn
Emer has had a career in Education for 30 years. She has held senior positions in the field of Special Educational Needs working in Oxfordshire as SEN Consultant to schools. She was a member of the Oxford City School Reorganisation Management Team and a Project Manager for the Excellence in Cities programme.
In recent years Emer has also developed a private Counselling and Training practice and has run workshops for MOD personnel focusing on the relationship issues facing service families during and after active service.

Aleksandra Podhorodecka
President of the Polish Educational Society, which runs Saturday schools for Polish children.

Jayne Barron and Tim Weekes
Jayne is head teacher at Sturminster Newton High School, and Tim Weekes is the head of IT. Sturminster Newton High School is a maths and IT specialist school and, as such, Jayne and Tim provide invaluable potential for insights into maths learning in schools today. The high school has already partnered My Own Tutor with two projects and a third and fourth are commencing very soon. These new projects will involve the use of the My Own tutor website and technology to facilitate challenges in maths and literacy for schools across the country

Chris York
Chris started out in his working life as a teacher of English, rising to Head of department before transferring to a career in IT.
He has over 25 years experience in the use of Information Technology in a variety of innovative application environments. He has designed and led award winning projects in flight information; distance learning systems for a major bank; education courseware distribution; and real-time financial information systems for The London and Australian Stock Exchanges. He has designed and built groundbreaking collaborative web services and most recently has returned to his roots in education to build learning support services which make use of technology to deliver effective alternatives to conventional tutoring. Chris is Managing Director of My Own Tutor.

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We are absolutely confident in the value which our service delivers. If a student's Maths and English scores do not improve by 20% within 12 months, we will give you your money back.